Almost Done! The Final Inspection

The Final Inspection

The journey to your dream home is almost complete. All that is left is the Final Inspection!

Actually, it is up to three (3) Final Inspections: Yours, Ours and the City/County.

Your Inspection

Once you have closed on the funding/financing of your new manufactured, modular or mobile home, it’s time for your final inspection. This is your opportunity to make sure that everything is as you expect it to be.

Get organized and use a checklist so you cover everything.

You’re going to want to check:

  • Accessory Items

  • Appliances

  • Electrical Systems

  • Interior Floors, Walls, Ceiling

  • Exterior Walls and Roof

  • The Grounds Around the House

  • Storage

  • Cleanliness

Making your final inspection in an organized way is a good strategy. We suggest inspecting the outside of your home first, and then check the interior, carefully going through each room.

Here’s a simple, thorough checklist you can download and use:

Our Inspection

Dream Home Outlet will do a similar walk through and final inspection. It will be almost certainly be more thorough, rigorous and extensive than anything you can imagine.

Our goal is to insure your new manufactured, modular or mobile home is 100% up to our high standards.

We want your new residence to be exactly as we promised it would be with ALL components in place and everything working as expected.

City and/or County Inspection

Every city, town and county in Alabama has various building and construction codes. Some jurisdictions will require a permit and inspections, others will not.

Once we know the exact physical address of your property, we can advise you on what final inspections, if any, are required by the local municipality and/or county.

The end goal with all these inspection processes is simple: Delivering a final product we can all be proud of.

Next up? Your Home Warranty