Figuring Out Your Wants And Needs

Step #1 – Wants And Needs

Here’s what you do: Get some notebook paper, or a legal pad, and a pen. These items will be your friend during the entire home buying process. If you are a techie, you can use your smart phone and/or tablet for this same purpose.

Once you have the ability to make notes on everything important that comes into your mind, you are ready to go.

Armed with your new note taking system, let’s start with determining your NEEDS and WANTS:

  • NEEDS are things you absolutely require in your new home.

  • WANTS are things you’d really like to have in your home, but can live without them, if necessary.

To help you understand, here are some examples:


1. We NEED 4 bedrooms

We have two adults and two kids, plus we are planning a 3rd child.

2. We NEED a big laundry area

This crew generates a ridiculous amount of day-to-day laundry.

3. We NEED a 2-car garage, at least

We have 3 vehicles, a boat and a motorcycle

4. We NEED a fenced yard

Our dog will run off without a fence


1. I WANT a Skylight coming through the ceiling of the Master Bathroom

2. I WANT a Jacuzzi tub in the Master Bathroom

3. I WANT a built-in Entertainment Center

4. I WANT hardwood floors

5. I WANT an in-ground swimming pool

6. I WANT a game room with a pool table

In addition to sorting out your basic NEEDS and WANTS, we have put together a short yet thorough Pre-purchase Planning Checklist for you to use. We think it will help get your mind focused and processing in all the appropriate directions necessary to make a wise home buying decision that you’ll be super happy with in the long run.

You can download it as often as you like here:

Have questions on your Pre-purchase Planning? We are here to help you. Feel free to contact Wendy, our Pre-purchase Planning Expert at any time.

Once you get your basic NEEDS and WANTS figured out, you’ll be ready for the next step:

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